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New Industrial-Grade SMD Package Transformers: TTF-1T/2T and TTB-M-1T Series Deliver Cost-Effective Solutions for Industrial Applications

SMD Package Transformer
SMD Package Transformer

MORNSUN introduces a new line of industrial-grade SMD package transformers: the TTF-1T/2T and TTB-M-1T series. These transformers respond to the increasing industrial demand for cost-effective and efficient solutions. The TTF-1T/2T series embodies a skeleton-type design, amalgamating a magnetic core and casing, engineered to cover power ranges of 1W and 2W. Notably, it boasts an isolation voltage of 3000VDC and presents a self-skeleton configuration, eliminating the necessity for a casing. The wire is intricately wound around the magnetic core, resulting in a more compact product volume. This series delivers an isolation voltage of 2250VDC and a power rating of 1W.

Both the TTF-1T/2T and TTB-M-1T series feature fully automated winding processes to ensure consistent product quality. They seamlessly integrate with MORNSUN's control ICs, offering a tailored power supply solution. These transformers stand out for their compact size and cost-effectiveness. With dimensions of for TTF-1T/2T and for TTB-M-1T, they minimize footprint while maximizing space utilization. Both series are well-suited for applications demanding electrical isolation and output power up to 1W/2W, including digital and data exchange circuits. Their dependable operation spans a broad temperature range (-40°C to +105°C), rendering them versatile choices for various industrial settings.


  • Automated winding for consistent quality. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with MORNSUN's control ICs. 
  • Compact size: TTF-1T/2T (, TTB-M-1T ( 
  • Cost-effective solution. 
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +105°C.


  • Suitable for electrical isolation up to 1W/2W output power.
  • Ideal for digital, analog, and data exchange circuits. 
  • Reliable operation in diverse industrial environments.
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