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New Industrial and Automotive Grade 600V Super-Junction MOSFETs for Advanced Static Switching Applications

600V Super-Junction MOSFETs
600V Super-Junction MOSFETs

Infineon Technologies introduces the new 600 V industrial grade CoolMOS S7 and automotive grade CoolMOS S7A SJ MOSFETs for static switching. The CoolMOS S7A and CoolMOS S7 are 600 V super-junction MOSFETs specially crafted to cater to the needs of slow-switching automotive applications, with a particular focus on Electric Vehicle (xEV) implementations. This innovative MOSFET is the perfect fit for various functions such as HV eFuse, HV eDisconnect, and onboard chargers in the slow-switching leg of the Power Factor Correction (PFC) stage.

The CoolMOS S7 Family offers two advanced package variants - top-side cooled (TSC) and bottom-side cooled (BSC) QDPAK. Both packages are designed to excel in heat dissipation capabilities and ruggedness, meeting the strict requirements for power density, safety, and reliability in automotive applications. CoolMOS S7A boasts a uniquely low on-resistance (RDS(on)) of only 10 mOhm. This optimization leads to increased power density and minimal conduction losses, enhancing the overall efficiency of the MOSFET.

Both top-side cooled QDPAK and bottom-side cooled QDPAK packages feature an intrinsic kelvin source, enhancing efficiency and offering precise controllability. This feature allows engineers to optimize the performance of the MOSFET in various automotive applications. Additionally, the cooling concept, combined with high power dissipation capability, ensures exceptional thermal performance in automotive applications.



  • Minimized conduction losses
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • More compact and easier designs
  • Increased power density
  • Lower TCO cost or BOM cost
  • Flexible system integration
  • Variable cooling strategy
  • Scalable technology



  • Low frequency switching applications
  • HV eDisconnect and HV eFuse
  • On-board charger (OBC) is the system
  • Handle sudden surges of current
  • Operation during AC line commutation
  • Automotive applications



The CoolMOS S7 and CoolMOS S7A SJ MOSFETs are now available.

Component Datasheet

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