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New High-Voltage Chip Divider with Wide Resistance Range Reduces Component Counts and Improves Ratio Stability in Automotive and Industrial Equipment

CDMM High Voltage Chip Divider Series
CDMM High Voltage Chip Divider Series

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a high voltage chip divider that is designed to reduce component counts and improve TC tracking performance and ratio stability in automotive and industrial equipment. This new CDMM Series offered in a ribbed molded package with compliant surface-mount leads delivers a maximum working voltage of 1500 V in the 4527-case size and provides a single-component replacement for multiple discrete resistors used in voltage divider applications. This AEC-Q200 qualified device is optimized for high-power DC/DC converters and inverters in electric automobiles and heavy industrial equipment and buses.


Consisting of two resistors integrated into one molded package, this new chip divider offers a wide resistance range from 500 kW to 50 MW, with maximum resistance ratios to 500:1 and tolerances down to ± 0.5%. Compliant with IEC 60664-1, this device features a temperature coefficient of ± 100 ppm/°C and TCR tracking of ± 10 ppm/°C.



  • High voltage up to 1500V utilizing thick film technology

  • Precision to ± 0.5% with low TCR tracking to 10ppm/°C utilizing thick film technology

  • Sulfur resistant

  • Automotive compliant terminations

  • AEC-Q200 qualified

  • Wide range of resistance value and ratios

  • 12.5mm creepage distance. Rated 1250V per IEC 60664-1



  • DC/DC converters

  • Electric automobiles

  • Industrial equipment



Samples and production quantities of the CDMM series are now available with lead times of stock to 12 weeks.

Component Datasheet

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