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New Half-Bridge Coil Driver with Slew Rate Control Offers Power Dense Solution for Wireless Charging Applications

AOZ32034AQV Half-Bridge Coil Driver
AOZ32034AQV Half-Bridge Coil Driver

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the release of a new product AOZ32034AQV in the family of coil drivers that offers a higher power rating of up to 50W and is designed for wireless charging applications in charging stations, cordless power tools, vacuum cleaners, drones, and other consumer electronic equipment. This device is an integrated half-bridge solution with intelligent slew-rate control includes the high-side, low-side N-channel MOSFETs and its driver circuit.


The AOZ32034AQV provides adjustable gate drive sink and source current control, by doing this control methodology, it's able to optimize EMI and driver losses to improve overall efficiency performance. Moreover, the features of this device have multiple protection functions such as VCC UVLO, over-temperature protection to make the design more robust.



  • Maximum input voltage 28V – Support 12V & 24V voltage rail system

  • 15W~50W Coil Driver – For wireless charger transmitter circuit

  • Slew-rate control to improve EMI performance

  • Low RDS(ON) internal NFETs – 7.5mΩ for Both HS/LS

  • Integrated Bootstrap Diode

  • Support protections – OTP, UVLO

  • Thermally enhanced 23-pin 4×4 QFN



  • Charging stations

  • Cordless power tools

  • Vacuum cleaners

  • Drones

  • Consumer electronic equipment


Availability and Pricing

The AOZ32034AQV is now available in production quantities with a lead-time of 24 weeks and the unit price in 1,000pc quantities is $1.0.

Component Datasheet

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