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New Electromagnetic Buzzer Driving Control IC with Integrated Power MOSFET and Demagnetizing Diode

Electromagnetic Buzzer Driving Control IC
Electromagnetic Buzzer Driving Control IC

MORNSUN has launched a new cost-efficient driving controller SCM3560A for electromagnetic buzzer with build-in power MOSFET and a demagnetizing diode. This chip can be applied to SMD and can be used with passive buzzers or replace the active buzzer discrete devices. This device features an operating frequency of 2.04KHz, 2.3KHz, or 2.7KHz, and a frequency accuracy of up to ±3% with help of the FUSE correction technology. Moreover, it also features low static power consumption of less than 300uA.


The SCM3560A chip has a function of overtemperature protection and can work with a wide voltage range of 3V-24V. Its internal feedback mechanism can detect the input voltage and adjust the driving waveform automatically according to it to output quasi-constant sound pressure.



  • Ultra-wide operating voltage range: 3-24V

  • Needing no peripheral circuit

  • Needing no buzzer feedback winding, cost saving

  • Output quasi-constant sound pressure in full voltage input range

  • Buzzer model normalization based on a wide input voltage range

  • Solve the problem of self-oscillation reliability and good consistency

  • Typical output frequency: 2.04K, 2.3K or 2.7K

  • Frequency accuracy: ±3%

  • Overtemperature protection

  • Operating ambient temperature: -40℃ - +125℃



  • Electromagnetic buzzer

Component Datasheet

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