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New Cost-Effective Eighth-Brick DC/DC Converters with Integrated Heat Spreader and High-Power Density for Industrial Power Supplies

 Eighth-Brick DC/DC Converters from RECOM
Eighth-Brick DC/DC Converters from RECOM

RECOM has introduced two new cost-effective DC/DC converters with high power density and outputs of 100W and 300W in a DOSA-compatible low-profile, through-hole eighth-brick format. The products include protection against input under-voltage, short circuit, output over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature and suit applications with low standby loss requirements. The target applications of these converters include demanding industrial power supplies, telecom, and PoE circuits. Moreover, these new RPA100E and RPA300E ranges are certified to UL/CAN/CSA 62368-1 safety standard for basic isolation and are compliant to EMC standard CISPR22 class B with an external filter.


The low-cost 100W DC/DC converter RPA100E in 1/8th brick low profile format features regulated 5V and 12V trimmable outputs and a wide 4:1 input range of 16-72V for nominal 24V, 28V, and 48V supplies. This converter offers high efficiency typically 92% to permit full load operation from -40°C up to +50°C ambient temperature with only free air convection and up to 85°C with forced air cooling.


The new RPA300E 300W converter features an output trimmable over a wide range of 16-35V and has an input range of 36-75V for nominal 48V supplies. With an isolation voltage of 2.25kVDC/1 minute, this converter has an integrated heat spreader that allows direct screw-fixing to a heatsink or cold wall. This device offers high efficiency typically 94.8% to permit full load operation from -40°C up to + 85°C with forced air cooling. 



  • Eighth brick format

  • 36-72VDC input voltage range

  • 2.25kV/1.5kV basic isolation

  • Remote ON/OFF, sense, and trim pins


  • 94.8%/ 92% efficiency (typical)

  • Integrated heat spreader

  • 4:1 input voltage range



  • Industrial power supplies

  • Telecom

  • PoE circuits

Component Datasheet

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