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New Compact High Efficiency SBDs with Low VF for Protection and Rectification Circuits in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Compact High Efficiency SBDs with Low VF
Compact High Efficiency SBDs with Low VF

ROHM has expanded its portfolio of Schottky barrier diodes by adding 24 new compact high-efficiency models that are ideal for protection and rectification circuits in automotive, industrial equipment, and consumer applications. These new models from RBR and RBQ series strengthened the lineup of SBDs that balances small size with low VF and IR which is demanded by the automotive sector. These series have been further expanded to include compact high current and high voltage products that enable rectification and protection in a wider range of applications.


The RBR series features low VF characteristics and includes 12 new 2.5mm×1.3mm PMDE package products that reduce the mounting area by 42%. This series is ideal for automotive applications that require higher efficiency as well as laptops and other consumer electronics where greater energy savings are required.


The RBQ series delivers low IR characteristics that enable stable operation in high-temperature environments thereby, significantly reducing the risk of thermal runaway. It utilizes proprietary barrier formation technology to achieve the optimum balance between VF and IR for switching power supplies, which results in decreased reverse power loss by 60%. This series is suitable for automotive powertrain and industrial power supplies that operate in high-temperature environments.


Availability and Pricing

The products of the RBR and RBQ series are now available in mass production and pricing starts at $1.50/unit.

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