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New Compact Cartridge Fuses with High Current and High Voltage Ratings Designed for Overcurrent Protection Applications

Compact Cartridge Fuses with High Current
Compact Cartridge Fuses with High Current

Littelfuse has announced the release of its new compact cartridge fuse series that is rated at 500 Vac/Vdc with current ratings from 40A to 63A and specially designed for overcurrent protection applications. The new 607 Series fuses are specifically designed and tested to cater to the circuit protection needs of compact applications and provide a robust solution for demanding high-voltage power supply circuits. Typical applications of this series include datacenter, telecom, EV charging, HVAC systems, uninterruptable power supply, inverter, and rectifier.


With a 10mm x 32mm cartridge body, a single 607 fuse requires less board space than previous designs that used multiple lower current rated fuses in parallel. These devices feature operating temperature range from -55˚C to 125˚C which provides reliable protection in extreme temperature environments. Moreover, end caps with integrated stand-off leads eliminate the need for mounting accessories or lead-forming processes.



  • RoHS Compliant and Lead-free

  • High Interrupt Rating

  • Rated Voltage 500 Vdc/Vac

  • High Current 40-63A



  • Data Center Power Supplies

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Power Conversion Equipment - Inverters and Rectifiers



The 607 Series High-current Cartridge Fuses are now available in through-hole, 10mm x 32mm packages in quantities of 500.

Component Datasheet

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