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New 80V/100V MOSFETs with Latest Silicon Technology for Power Supply, Telecom and Industrial Designs

Nexperia’s new 80V/100V MOSFETs
Nexperia’s new 80V/100V MOSFETs

Nexperia has announced new Qrr Figure of Merit 80 V / 100 V MOSFETs with latest NextPower silicon technology which will expand the capacity for immediate supply. The new PSMN3R9-100YSF (100 V) and PSMN3R5-80YSF (80 V) devices are ideally suited for power supply, telecom and industrial designs, especially suiting USB-PD Type-C chargers and adaptors and 48 V DC-DC adaptors. These devices feature low body diode losses with Qrr down to 50 nC - resulting in lower reverse recovery current (Irr), lower voltage spikes (Vpeak) and reduced ringing which allows for further optimised dead-time.


The NextPower 80 V and 100 V silicon MOSFETs significantly improve RDS(on) from 7 mΩ for previous generation 100 V parts down to just 4.3 mΩ for the new devices, resulting in increased efficiency. The NextPower technology also delivers best-in-class low Qrr of 44 nC for the 100 V part which reduces spiking and EMI emissions. Overall, the Qrr Figure of Merit for the 100 V part is 61% lower on average than competitive devices.


Mike Becker, Nexperia’s product manager said that, “With the global shortage of semiconductors, the investments made by Nexperia to increase capacity across its global manufacturing sites, including Manchester & the Philippines where these MOSFETs are produced, will be very welcome news to buyers. Designers will also be excited by the performance of the new MOSFETs. They are very well suited to many switching applications, and are genuine second source options to other vendors’ products.”


Features and Benefits of the MOSFETS

  • NextPower 100 V uses deep-trenches and charge-balanced structure (resurf)
  • High efficiency and low spiking in switching applications
  • Qualified to 175˚C
  • LFPAK56 low stress lead-frame and wave-solder compatible
  • Low RDS(on) 
  • Improved Qg(tot) figure-of-merit (FOM)
  • Best-in-class low Qrr gives high efficiency in switching applications
  • Avalanche rated, 100% avalanche tested
  • Optimised for switching, low spiking and high efficiency


Applications of PSMN3R9-100YSF(100 V) and PSMN3R5-80YSF(80 V) Devices

  • Synchronous rectifier in flyback and resonant topology
  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • LED lighting
  • Full-bridge and half-bridge topologies
  • Motor control
  • UPS and Solar inverter



The new 80 V and 100 V MOSFETs are available in Nexperia’s thermally and electrically high performance LFPAK56E copper clip technology package.

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