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NB7141 - Single Cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC with Forced Standby and Built-In Watchdog Timer

NB7141 - Single Cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC
NB7141 - Single Cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC

The NB7141 is a 1-cell Li-ion / polymer battery protection IC which provides overcharge, overdischarge, charge / discharge overcurrent and short circuit protection, with built-in watchdog timer. The NB7141 can shift to the Forced Standby Mode by an external signal to STB pin to reduce own current consumption.

Low voltage and high accuracy overcurrent detection achieves a heat reduction on board by using low sense resistor. Low operating current and standby current can prolong the battery life even when its capacity is small, and the forced standby mode with STB pin too can prolong the small battery life.

The built-in watchdog timer (WDT) can monitor the MCU operating condition.


Features of NB7141 Battery Protection IC:

  • Operating Input Voltage: 1.5 V to 5.0 V (Maximum Rating: 12 V)
  • Number of Cells: 1
  • Supply Current: Typ. 2.0 µA
  • Overcharge Detection Voltage: 4.2 V to 4.7 V
  • Overcharge Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±15 mV
  • Overcharge Detection Delay Time: 1024 ms
  • Overdischarge Detection Voltage: 2.1 V to 3.2 V 
  • Overdischarge Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±35 mV
  • Overdischarge Detection Delay Time: 32 ms, 64 ms, 128 ms
  • Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage: -0.050 V to -0.005 V
  • Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±1.5 mV
  • Charge Overcurrent Detection Delay Time: 10 ms, 17 ms
  • Short Detection Voltage: 0.030 V to 0.200 V
  • Short Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±4.0 mV
  • Short Detection Delay Time: 280 µs
  • Package: WLCSP-8-P10


NB7141 Li-ion Battery Protection IC Applications :

  • Hearable/Wearable devices
  • Smart Phone
  • Handheld Data Terminals


The NB7141 series of battery protection ICs from Nisshinbo Micro Devices are currently available for sample and buy from mouser and chip1stop.

Component Datasheet

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