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N-channel Enhancement Mode TOLL MOSFETs with High Conversion Efficiency Designed for EV Applications and Power Management

N-channel Enhancement Mode TOLL MOSFET
N-channel Enhancement Mode TOLL MOSFET

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a portfolio of automotive MOSFETs that include 100V-rated DMTH10H1M7STLWQ and DMTH10H2M5STLWQ, and 80V-rated DMTH8001STLWQ MOSFETs which occupy 20% less PCB area and feature an off-board profile of 2.4mm. These new MOSFETs in thermally-efficient TOLL package are ideal for use in high reliability power applications, such as energy recuperation, integrated starter alternators, and DC-DC converters in battery-equipped vehicles. The TOLL package uses clip bonding to achieve low package resistance and reduced parasitic package inductance enabling these devices to achieve typical on-resistances of 1.3mΩ, 1.4mΩ, and 1.68mΩ, respectively at a gate drive of 10V. 

These MOSFETs are qualified to AEC-Q101, PPAP capable, and are manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities. With a solder contact area that is 50% bigger than the TO263, the TOLL package enables a junction-case thermal impedance of 0.65°C/W, allowing these MOSFETs to handle currents up to 270A. Moreover, their tin-plated trapezoidal grooved leads help to facilitate automated optical inspection (AOI) procedures.



  • Rated to +175°C – Ideal for High Ambient Temperature Environments
  • 100% Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS) Test in Production – Ensures More Reliable and Robust End Application
  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Low RDS(ON) – Minimizes On State Losses
  • Wettable Flank for Improved Optical Inspection



  • Motor Control
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Power Management


Availability and Pricing

These devices are now available and for 10,000-piece quantities, the DMTH8001STLWQ unit cost is $2.36; the DMTH10H1M7STLWQ unit cost is $2.36; and the DMTH10H2M5STLWQ unit cost is $2.00.

Component Datasheet

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