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Multi-zone Direct Time-of-Flight Sensor with Metasurface Lens Technology designed for Human-Machine Interfaces and Consumer LiDAR

FlightSense ToF Ranging Sensor
FlightSense ToF Ranging Sensor

STMicroelectronics has announced its new FlightSense Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging sensor VL53L8 that offers up to double the ranging performance while reducing the power consumption and is ideal for smartphones and tablets in both user-facing and world-facing applications. The user-facing applications include object tracking and gesture recognition and world-facing applications include laser-autofocus, camera selection, touch-to-focus, and flash dimming. Moreover, this sensor can also support indoor/outdoor detection and smart-focus bracketing, along with consumer LiDAR, where depth mapping is required.


This sensor adopts a metasurface lens technology in both the transmit and receive apertures and delivers 16 or 64 discrete ranging zones with stable and accurate improved ranging. This module embeds a high output 940nm VCSEL light source, a System-on-Chip sensor with an embedded VCSEL driver, the receiving array of SPADs, and a low-power 32-bit MCU core. For easy system integration, the sensor is housed in a single reflowable component that offers 1.2V and 1.8V I/O compatibility and significantly reduces the host processor loading over the demands of the first-generation sensor.



  • Fully integrated miniature module

  • Fast, accurate distance ranging

  • Easy system integration

  • Emitter: 940 nm invisible vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and integrated analog driver

  • 43.5 ° x 43.5 ° square (61odiagonal) system field of view (FoV) using diffractive optical elements (DOE) on both transmitter and receiver

  • Receiving array of single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs)

  • Low-power microcontroller running Firmware

  • Size: 6.4 x 3.0 x 1.75 mm



  • Smartphones

  • Smart speakers

  • Human-machine interfaces

  • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) enhancement

  • Consumer LiDAR

Component Datasheet

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