MLX90412 - Low Acoustic Noise Single-Coil Fan and Pump Driver IC with Integrated Protection Features for Industrial and Home Appliances

MLX90412 - Low Acoustic Noise Single-Coil Fan and Pump Driver IC
MLX90412 - Low Acoustic Noise Single-Coil Fan and Pump Driver IC
MLX90412 - Low Acoustic Noise Single-Coil Fan and Pump Driver IC

Melexis has released an all-in-one single-coil fan and pump-1-coil BLDC Driver with a peak driving capability of 2.2 A. Named MLX90412, it is a low noise driver apt for industrial and home appliance applications. Suitable for driving loads of up to 35 W, it aptly complements the previously released MLX90411 adding a high power option to the range. The MLX90412 is a cost-effective alternative that offers unprecedented noise performance to the expensive 3-phase solution in many challenging applications.


The high-performance MLX90412 operates from a supply voltage in the range of 3.5 V to 32 V and is robust up to 40 V. It is well-suited for use in equipment on 12 V and 24 V power supplies, and for portable applications with up to seven Li-ion cells (~29 V).


The drain pumps for washing machines and dishwashers, toilet pumps, fans, blowers and cross blowers in air conditioning units, desk fans and pedestal fans, and Li-ion based applications including robot cleaners and robot lawn mowers are some of the home appliance applications of MLX90412.


One gets multiple motor commutation options that can be accommodated to meet the need for high torque and low acoustic noise, as well as low vibration. Patented adaptive control algorithm can help achieve high efficiency with the lowest reverse current over the full speed range and independent of the motor inductance or applied lead angle.


There is a wide range of dynamic (PI) settings available for a speed range up to 45,000 e-rpm (electrical RPM) to ensure both open-loop and closed-loop speed control is possible. The closed-loop speed control reduces the speed tolerance to as low as +/- 3%.


Boasting multiple integrated protection features like locked rotor, over-temperature, overvoltage, short circuit, and current limiting, built-in supply clamping, etc. make The MLX90412 is programmable via an I2C interface and all options are configurable in the on-board EEPROM and is the best alternative to the similar ones already up on the market shelves. The MLX90412 is available from the company website in a 3mm x 3mm DFN10 package.


Features of MLX90412

  • Up to 2.2 A motor current
  • Maximum torque and very low acoustic noise
  • Fast prototyping
  • Supply voltage: 3.5 V to 32 V
  • Speed range up to 45,000 e-rpm
  • Reduces speed tolerance to as low as +/- 3%.
  • Programmable via an I2C interface


Note: More technical information can be found in the MLX90412 datasheet that users can request on the MLX90412 product page.

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