MKP1847C AC Filtering Film Capacitors Deliver Stable Capacitance and ESR in High Humidity Environments

MKP1847C AC Filtering Film Capacitors
MKP1847C AC Filtering Film Capacitors
MKP1847C AC Filtering Film Capacitors

MKP1847C AC filtering film capacitors from Vishay Intertechnology can withstand THB testing of 40 °C, 93% RH for 56 days at rated voltage without altering their electrical characteristics. These robust metalized polypropylene devices are capable of delivering extremely stable capacitance and ESR in high humidity environments.


Encompassed in a flame-retardant plastic case with a resin seal, these new robust capacitors feature a high operating temperature to +105 ºC. Additional features include a wide capacitance range from 1 µF up to 70 µF, with tolerance down to ± 10%, and rated voltages of 230 VAC, 250 VAC, 275 VAC, 310 VAC, and 350 VAC. Additionally, these devices offer low self-inductance of < 1 nH per mm of lead spacing, high peak current capabilities up to 750 A, and high RMS current up to 26 A.


Designed to ensure extremely stable capacitance and ESR values over a long service life under harsh environmental conditions during operation, the MKP1847C AC filtering series offers higher humidity robustness at a lower cost, while maintaining the same footprint. These devices are ideal for input and output filtering in UPS systems, renewable energy inverter grid interfaces, and welding equipment. Samples and production quantities of the MKP1847C AC Filtering series capacitors are available with lead times of 12 weeks.


Features of MKP1847C AC Filtering Devices

  • Robustness under high humidity
  • THB 40 °C, 93% RH, 56 days at UNAC
  • High peak current capabilities


Note: More technical information can be found in the MKP1847C datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the MKP1847C AC Filtering Device product page.

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