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MEU-650A24T AC-DC Power Supply 450 W Convection / 650 W Force Air for Medical and Industrial Applications

MEU-650A24T Power Supplies
MEU-650A24T Power Supplies

Packed in a compact 4” x 6” form factor, the new MEU-650A24T from Delta Electronics offers a 95.5% efficiency power supply and is suitable to be used in BF type medical equipment and General IT equipment. It provides a power supply up to 650W with forced air cooling or 450 W when convection is cooled.


Equipped with a 12 V / 0.6 A fan output and 5 V / 2 A standby output, the new MEU-650A24T power supplies feature 2 x MOPP Isolation and are supplied with onboard current sharing technology enabling 2 units to be paralleled together to increase the power supplied. High efficiency and wide operating temperature range of -20°C ~ 70°C make MEU-650A24T suitable for various applications like ultrasound, anesthesia, and other medical equipment.


The MEU-650A24T is also certified with EMC standards EN 55011 for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment and EN 55032 for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) radio-frequency equipment. Additionally, these power supplies are in full compliance with RoHS Directive for environmental protection.


Key Features of MEU-650A24T Power Supplies

  • Convection / Forced air cooling
  • Up to 650 W in 4″ x 6″ x 1.575″ package
  • Up to 17.2 W/inch³ power density
  • Full power up to 50°C ambient
  • High efficiency up to 95.5%
  • Up to 500 k hrs MTBF
  • 2 x MOPP Isolation
  • Suited for BF-type medical products.
  • 5V / 2 A standby output
  • 12 V / 0.6 A fan output
  • Current sharing
  • Conformal coating (optional)
  • Class B conducted and radiated EMI
  • IEC 60601-1-2 Ed.4 immunity compliance
  • Normal and reversed option for remote On/Off and power good signal
  • Voltage trimming


Note: More technical information can be found in the MEU-650A24T datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the MEU-650A24T product page.

Component Datasheet

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