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MERUS 2-Channel Class D Audio Amplifier Multichip Module enables High Power Density and Heatsink-Free Operation

MERUS 2-Channel Class D Audio Amplifier Multichip Module
MERUS 2-Channel Class D Audio Amplifier Multichip Module

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the MERUS 2-channel, analog input, class D audio amplifier multichip module (MCM) MA5332MS that is a powerful upgrade to its predecessor, offering the same or even higher output power than monolithic alternatives, without a heatsink and 50 percent less footprint. This new module is ideal for consumer products including home theaters in a box, soundbars, subwoofers, and mini-component systems. Moreover, it is also well suited for professional applications like active speakers, active studio monitors, guitar amplifiers, aftermarket cars, and marine audio amplifiers.


This MCM offers the same or higher output power than monolithic alternatives without a heatsink and 50% less footprint. Coming in a compact 7 x 7 mm 2 42-pin QFN package, this module integrates 2 channel PWM controller, high voltage gate driver, and 4 low RDS(ON) MOSFETs. This new device offers differential or single-ended input and multiple output configuration options, single-ended (2x SE), bridge-tied load (BTL), and parallel single-ended (PSE), using a single or splits power supply. 



  • 2 channel analog input Class D audio amplifier in a small 7x7mm package

  • Very low RDS(ON) at 24.4 mΩ typical, enabling heatsink-less operation at 2x100W at 4Ω

  • 95% efficiency Class D at 2x200W at 4Ω

  • Split or single power supply capable

  • Differential or single-ended input

  • Multiple configuration options: 2xSE, BTL, PSE (Parallel Single-Ended)

  • Over-current, over-temperature and under-voltage protections with self-reset feature

  • Start/stop click noise reduction

  • Clip and Fault reporting outputs



  • Multi-channel home theatre system

  • Studio monitor

  • Active speaker

  • Soundbar subwoofer

  • Marine amplifier

  • Aftermarket car audio system

  • General-purpose audio power amplifier


In addition, the MA5332MS module also integrates protection circuitry for functions such as over-current, over-temperature, and under-voltage protection with self-reset capability. This on-chip protection circuitry saves the time to design protection using external protection components. Also, a new internal logic scheme to control soft-start operation delivers a further reduction of click and pop noise. 

Component Datasheet

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