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LS15-23BxxDR3 Series: 15W Ultra-Thin Encapsulated AC/DC Converter with High Reliability and Low Power Consumption

Ultra-Thin Encapsulated AC/DC Converter
Ultra-Thin Encapsulated AC/DC Converter

MORNSUN has launched the 15W ultra-thin encapsulated AC/DC converter LS15-23BxxDR3 series that meets the Pollution degree 3 standard, and satisfy space-limited applications. This series features a wide input range accepting either AC or DC voltage, high reliability, and low power consumption. These devices can be widely used in industrial control, power instrumentation, smart home, and other applications with strict layout requirements.


This new series features high I/O isolation voltage up to 4000VAC and an ultra-wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC. With high protection encapsulated SIP package, these devices have a wide operating temperature range of -40C to +85C and no-load power consumption as low as 0.1W.



  • Ultra-wide 85 - 305VAC and 100 - 430VDC input voltage range

  • Accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of same terminal)

  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

  • High I/O isolation test voltage up to 4000VAC

  • Multi application, compact size, flexible layout

  • Output short circuit, over-current protection

  • Plastic case meets UL94V-0 flammability

  • Pollution degree 3



  • Industrial control

  • Power instrumentation

  • Smart home

Component Datasheet

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