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Littelfuse Introduces FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver for Enhanced Switching Applications

FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver
FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver

Littelfuse introduces the FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver for Empowering versatile isolated switching applications. This innovative product generates a floating power source, offering a robust solution for controlling power MOSFETs and IGBTs with isolation between the low-voltage input and high-voltage load output. With an input control current range of 5 mA to 50 mA, integrated fast turn-off circuitry, and 5 kVRMS reinforced isolation, the FDA117 provides ample voltage and current for effective driving of discrete power semiconductors. Notably, it generates a floating power source with up to 15.3 V voltage and 60 µA current, enabling direct driving of standard MOSFET/IGBT devices. This feature enhances flexibility in application designs and ensures secure semiconductor shutdown in less than 0.5 milliseconds. The FDA117 is suitable for diverse markets, including industrial, energy, building automation, and smart home applications. Available in 4-pin DIP through-hole and surface mount packages, it offers pinout compatibility for easy integration into existing designs.

Features of The FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver

  • Operates with as low as 5 mA input control current
  • Enables driving standard power MOSFETs and IGBTs
  • Provides a floating output voltage ranging from 10.5 V to 15.3 V
  • Integrated fast turn-off circuitry for controlled switching
  • 5,000 VRMS reinforced insulation for enhanced safety
  • 4-pin surface mount and through-hole package options

Applications of The FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver

  • Industrial Automation
  • Energy Sector
  • Building Automation
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Custom Solid-State Relays
  • Industrial Process Control


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