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ISO8200AQ - Isolated High-Side Smart Power switch with SPI for Factory automation

ISO8200AQ - Isolated High-Side Smart Power switch with SPI for Factory automation

The ISO8200AQ is a galvanic isolated octal high side smart power solid state relay with SPI interface from STMicroelectronics. The switch has eight channels and each channel has a current rating of 0.7A with 0.12ohms on-resistance making it suitable for switching resistive, inductive or capacitive loads with minimal power loss. Considering demanding applications where safety and robustness is a major concern the switch offers a built-in galvanic isolation of 2500Vrms and also provides a 20MHz SPI port which can be used for over-temperature signalization and efficient daisy-chaining of multiple devices.

Apart from this the switch also has many built-in protection features to further enhance safety, including short-circuits, channel over-temperature, case over-temperature, and loss of ground or supply protection. There is also under-voltage shut-down with auto-restart and hysteresis, overvoltage protection by Vcc clamping, and control of the output voltage to prevent damage due to switch off of inductive loads. More features including the application circuits and dimensions can be found at the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page, the main key features are listed below.

Key Features

  • Vdemag = VCC - 45 V (per channel)
  • RDS(on) = 0.11 Ω (per channel)
  • IOUT = 0.7 A (per channel)
  • VCC = 45 V
  • SPI interface with daisy chaining
  • 5 V and 3.3 V TTL/CMOS and μC compatible I/Os
  • Very low supply current
  • Overvoltage protection, Undervoltage shutdown, Short-circuit Protection, Over temperature protection
  • Loss of Ground and Supply protections
  • ESD protection


To get the best performance out of this IC, STM also provides a demonstration board called X-NucLEO-OUT02A1 for evaluating and fine-tuning the setup and also provides software called STSW-IFAPGUI which is a graphical user interface that can be used to communicate to visualize the device behavior.

The ISO8200AQ is now available in a TFQFPN32 32-pin package (9mm×11mm) which is priced at $3.125 for 1000 pieces.

Component Datasheet