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IPS16xHF – Intelligent Power Switches with Low Power-on Delay Time for Safety Critical Applications

IPS160HF and IPS161HF Intelligent Power Switches
IPS160HF and IPS161HF Intelligent Power Switches

The STMicroelectronics has introduced the IPS160HF and IPS161HF, a new fast-starting family of intelligent power switches with a power-on delay time of less than 60µs. These devices combine design flexibility, low power dissipation, and fast response and provide a better design of safety with its extended diagnostics by indicating open load, over-current cut-off, and over-temperature shutdown.


Both IPS160HF and IPS161HF integrates a logic interface, driving circuitry, various protection features, and an N-channel power-MOSFET output stage. They can withstand an applied supply voltage of up to 65V and integrate active clamp circuitry for handling inductive loads.


The devices include safety features such as ground-disconnect and VCC-disconnect protection, thermal shutdown, under-voltage lock-out, and short-circuit cut-off to protect the IC, the application, and the load against overstress. The cut-off acts after a delay time, which is programmed with an external capacitor, and provides non-dissipative protection that minimizes overheating.


The IPS160HF and IPS 161HF can be used to drive complex resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads with one side connected to ground, such as valves, relays, and lamps. It can also be used in SIL-rated applications such as safety sensors and general factory-automation and process-control equipment such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), I/O peripherals, and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.


Features of IPS160HF and IPS161HF

  • Wide input Voltage range of 8V-60V
  • Maximum switch resistance (RDS(on)) of 120mΩ
  • 10µs rise/fall time with 20µs propagation delay,
  • Minimum output current limitation: 0.7A (IPS161HF) or 2.5A (IPS160HF)
  • Short propagation delay at start-up
  • Fast demagnetization of inductive load


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the IPS160HF and IPS161HF product page.

Component Datasheet

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