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IHLP-4040ED-5A Low Profile High Current Automotive grade Inductors

IHLP-4040ED-5A Low Profile High Current Automotive grade Inductors

With a high DCR value of 1.05 to 204 mΩ Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of inductors suited for under the hood automotive applications. The values of these inductors range from 0.33 to 75.0 uH with a maximum saturation current of 20.8A. The Inductor is available in 4040 case size with an increased profile of 5.4mm.


The inductors are optimized to be used in DC/DC converts up to 2MHz for energy storage and also provide good attenuation of noise in high current filtering applications. With its high operating temperature, the device is designed for filtering and DC/DC conversion in engine and transmission control units, diesel injection drivers, and entertainment / navigation systems, in addition to noise suppression for motors, windshield wipers, power mirrors and seats, HID and LED lighting, and heating and ventilation blowers.


Key features of IHLP-4040ED-5A Inductors:

  • Inductance Range: 0.33uH to 75.0uH
  • Saturation Current: 3.51A to 20.8A
  • DCR type: 1.05mΩ to 204.0mΩ
  • SRF typically: 3.53MHz to 70.0MHz
  • Operating temperature: +155°C (maximum)
  • Profile: 5.4mm
  • Case size: 4040


For more technical details, please find datasheet linked at the bottom of this page. The Inductors are currently under production, samples and large quantities are available for purchase from authorized dealers with a lead time of 10 weeks.

Component Datasheet