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IHDM Edge-Wound Inductors with Powdered Iron Alloy Core Technology Provide Low DCR to Reduce Power Losses and Increase Efficiency

IHDM Edge-Wound Inductors
IHDM Edge-Wound Inductors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced two new IHDM edge-wound, through-hole inductors in the 1107 case for commercial applications with soft saturation current to 422A. Featuring a powdered iron alloy core technology, the new IHDM-1107BBEV-20 and IHDM-1107BBEV-30 provide stable inductance and saturation over a demanding operating temperature range from -55°C to +180°C with low power losses and excellent heat dissipation. With an operating voltage up to 350V, these devices are ideal for DC/DC converters, inverters, differential mode chokes, and filters for motor and switching noise suppression in high current, high-temperature applications, including industrial, medical, and military systems.


The IHDM-1107BBEV-20 and IHDM-1107BBEV-30 offer 30% higher rated current and 30% higher soft saturation current levels that are stable at continuous operating temperatures to +180°C. The inductors’ soft saturation provides a predictable inductance decrease with increasing current, independent of temperature. The edge-wound coil provides low DCR down to 0.25 mΩ, which minimizes losses and improves rated current performance for increased efficiency. 



  • High temperature operation, up to 180 °C continuous with no aging
  • Low DCR to minimize losses and reduce temperature rise

  • Powdered iron alloy core technology provides stable inductance and saturation over operating temperature with satisfactory core losses

  • Soft saturation gives predictable inductance decrease with increasing DC current independent of temperature

  • Series includes multiple powdered iron core materials for optimized performance in circuit application

  • Standard terminal is stripped and tinned for through-hole mounting but other terminal configurations such as bare copper, SMD, and press fit pin are available upon request

  • Hot dipped Sn plating provides low risk of whisker growth

  • Custom options for inductance, current rating, DCR, mounting style and voltage rating are available



  • High current and high temperature applications

  • DC/DC converters

  • High current differential mode chokes

  • Inverters

Component Datasheet

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