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High-Performance KOV and KLN Series OCXOs with Unparalleled Frequency Control Solutions for Diverse Applications

KOV and KLN Series OCXOs
KOV and KLN Series OCXOs

KYOCERA AVX has introduced its inaugural range of oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) products. OCXOs function as temperature-controlled devices that ensure the constant operational temperature of a quartz crystal, effectively averting frequency variations resulting from fluctuations in ambient temperature. With widespread utilization across diverse applications such as network infrastructure, backhaul communications, test and measurement systems, industrial equipment, medical devices (including MRIs), military and aerospace equipment oil and gas sensors, precision timing, and clock sources, as well as GPS precision timing devices, OCXOs play a critical role in these domains.

The KOV Series standard voltage-controlled OCXOs provide an extensive frequency range, spanning from 10MHz to 120MHz, rapid warm-up times, and impressively low phase noise, exemplified by figures such as 120dBc/Hz at a 10Hz offset and -145dBc/Hz at a 1kHz offset, both based on a 10MHz center frequency. These OCXOs are presently offered in five surface-mount package sizes (9×14, 14-pin DIP, 20×20, 22×25, and 25x25mm), compatible with 3.3V or 5V supply voltages.

The KLN Series low-noise voltage-controlled OCXOs deliver a wide frequency range from 10MHz to 150MHz, exhibit resistance to micro-vibrations, and demonstrate exceptional tolerance to low-g acceleration (<0.3ppb/G on the worst axis). These OCXOs offer unparalleled frequency stability and three levels of low- to ultra-low phase noise, exemplified by specifications such as 130dBc/Hz at a 10Hz offset and -166dBc/Hz offset for "A" level phase noise, based on a 10MHz center frequency. Available in three surface-mount package sizes (14-pin DIP, 20x20, and 25x25mm) and compatible with 5V or 12V supply voltages, they are shipped in bulk packaging.



  • Thru Hole or Surface Mountable
  • Superior Frequency Stability
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise
  • Low Acceleration Sensitivity
  • Tolerant to Micro Vibrations
  • Low Age Rates



  • Network Infrastructure
  • Phase Locked Microwave Applications
  • Low Noise Test and Measurement Systems
  • GPS Precision Timing Devices
  • Military High-Performance Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial



The OCXOs are now available in:

  • 14 Pin Dip Package
  • 9 x 14mm Package
  • 20 x 20mm Package
  • 22 x 25mm Package
  • 25 x 25mm Package
  • 36 x 27mm Package
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