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High-Performance Infrared Sensor Modules for Reliable Light Barrier Applications in Direct Sunlight

Infrared Sensor Modules
Infrared Sensor Modules

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two newly developed fixed-gain infrared (IR) sensor modules today, aiming to enhance stability and reduce costs for outdoor sensor applications. These modules, namely the surface-mount TSSP93038DF1PZA and leaded TSSP93038SS1ZA, are designed in compact Minimold packages and offer a typical irradiance of 1.3 mW/m². They deliver robust performance even in direct sunlight, making them suitable for light barrier applications while maintaining adequate sensitivity.

Boasting a rapid 260 μs reaction time, the TSSP93038DF1PZA and TSSP93038SS1ZA enable long-range proximity sensing of up to 1 m (with TSAL6100 at 100 mA). In light curtain applications, the same setup allows for a range of 11 m. By utilizing a more focused emitter such as the VSLY5940 or increasing the emitter forward current, longer ranges can be achieved.

The TSSP93038DF1PZA and TSSP93038SS1ZA are designed to operate within a supply voltage range of 2.0 V to 3.6 V, featuring a low supply current of 0.35 mA. They are sensitive to a carrier frequency of 38 kHz. These modules are engineered to receive IR pulses from an emitter with a peak wavelength of 940 nm, and they exhibit insensitivity to ripple noise on the supply voltage while providing EMI shielding. The inclusion of an IR filter suppresses visible light. Furthermore, the devices comply with RoHS standards, are halogen-free, and adhere to Vishay Green environmental standards.



  • Constant sensitivity in dark and bright ambient, up to direct sunlight level
  • Presence sensor: up to 2 m distance
  • Light barrier: up to 12 m distance, TSAL6200 with IF = 50 mA
  • Fast proximity: up to 2 m range at 5 ms response time
  • Supply voltage: 2.0 V to 3.6 V



  • Distance sensing
  • Presence detection
  • Light barriers
  • Reflective sensors
  • Security and pet gates
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