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High Performance Flyback Controller for Cost Effective LED Drivers

XDP Digital Power XDPL8219 Flyback Controller
XDP Digital Power XDPL8219 Flyback Controller

Infineon Technologies has introduced the XDP digital power XDPL8219, a high-performance flyback controller that features secondary side regulation for high performance and robust LED driver designs. The device maximizes efficiency and minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI) over a wide load range by operating in quasi-resonant mode (QRM).


The XDPL8219 can differentiate between the AC and DC input voltage and it can adjust its proprietary voltage mode pulse modulation accordingly for enhanced system performance. If the input is AC, the device alters the pulse modulation for achieving a high power factor (>0.9) as well as low total harmonic distortion (<10%) over a wide input and load range. For the DC input adapting pulse modulation results in an adjusted switching frequency hence reducing EMI over the entire operating range.


The XDPL8219 offers a high power factor and a constant voltage output, the device accommodates active burst mode (ABM) at light load to prevent audible noise at the same time achieves a no-load standby power level below 100mW. With the help of a universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) pin, the device offers maximum design flexibility and performance optimization through parameter configuration. Besides, the UART signals can be transmitted among others to inform about the input voltage, line frequency, controller temperature, last error code, and input voltage loss indication.


For configuring the controller, the programming tools with a user-friendly graphic user interface are provided. The XDPL8219 offers increased flexibility and reduced bill of materials cost.


Features of XDPL8219

  • Flyback controller with enhanced power factor correction (PFC)
  • Enhanced total harmonic distortion (THD) correction
  • Standby power 100mW
  • Reporting of parameters via uni-directional UART communication
  • Digitally configurable parameters


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the XDPL8219 product page.

Component Datasheet

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