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G3VM T-Modules: New High Voltage and High Current T-Configuration MOSFET Relay Modules with an Exceptionally Low Leakage Current

G3VM T-Configuration MOSFET Relay Modules
G3VM T-Configuration MOSFET Relay Modules

OMRON Electronic Components has released new high voltage and high current versions of its innovative T-configuration MOSFET relay modules. The new OMRON G3VM T-modules offer the exceptional reliability and durability of solid-state relays combined with an exceptionally low leakage current of just 1pA or less. These OMRON T-modules effectively combine the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays to provide an accurate, compact, and long-lasting switching solution with no mechanical contacts. Moreover, these devices are surface mounted and offered in SPST with no configuration required. 


The new OMRON G3VM-61MT and G3VM-101MT join the high isolation G3VM-21MT and feature a load current of 800mA and 550mA respectively. The electrical load characteristics of these new devices are 60V for the G3VM-61MT and 100V for the G3VM-101MT. The G3VM-21MT features exceptional isolation performance of less than - 30dB at 1GHz and is rated at 200mA, 20V. The low leakage current of these devices is achieved with a unique T- circuit structure that sends most leakage current to the ground.


By the incorporation of the T-circuit into the module, these devices feature a compact size of 5mm x 3.75mm x 2.7mm and support accurate measurements in all types of test equipment where mechanical relays have previously been preferred due to their low leakage current. 

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