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Fully-Matched IGT5259L50 GaN/SiC Transistor Offers 50W at 5-6 GHz

Integra IGT5259L50 GaN/SiC Transistor
Integra IGT5259L50 GaN/SiC Transistor

Integra has announced a fully-matched, GaN/SiC transistor IGT5259L50 which offers 50W at 5-6 GHz and is designed for pulsed C-Band Radar applications. The IGT5259L50 high-power GaN-on-SiC HEMT transistor is fully-matched to 50-ohms and supplies 50 W of peak pulsed output power at 50V drain bias. It covers the frequency range 5.2 - 5.9 GHz with instantaneous response, and features 14 dB of gain, and 43% efficiency at 1 millisecond/15% pulse conditions.


The device is housed in a RoHS-compatible metal/ceramic flange-mount package with gold metallization. It provides excellent thermal dissipation, and measures 0.800" (20.32mm) wide and 0.400" (10.16mm) in length. It is 100% high-power RF tested in a 50-ohms RF test fixture and meets all specifications of MIL-STD-750D. Its Internal assembly is done with a chip and wire approach by expert certified assemblers.



  • GaN on SiC HEMT Technology

  • 50W Output Power

  • Fully-matched Internal Impedance

  • 100% High Power RF Tested

  • Class AB Operation

  • Negative Gate Voltage/Bias Sequencing



  • C-Band Radar

Component Datasheet

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