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FRED Pt Gen 5 600V Hyperfast Rectifiers in Isolated Package Deliver Best in Class Reverse Recovery Performance

 FRED Pt Gen 5 600V Hyperfast Rectifiers
FRED Pt Gen 5 600V Hyperfast Rectifiers

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc has introduced four new FRED Pt Gen 5 600 V Hyperfast rectifiers in a fully isolated TO-220 FullPAK 2L package that offer the best reverse recovery performance for devices in their class and are designed to increase the efficiency of medium frequency converters and of hard- and soft-switched or resonant designs. The new 12A VS-E5TW1206FP-N3 and VS-E5TX1206FP-N3 and 15A VS-E5TW1506FP-N3 and VS-E5TX1506FP-N3 devices reduce reverse recovery charge (Qrr) by 60 %, resulting in 90 % lower recovery losses.


These rectifiers deliver a 10 % improvement in reverse recovery energy (Erec) compared to the closest competing device, a softer recovery tail for improved EMI reduction, and more stable operation over their entire operating temperature range for increased thermal performance. These devices will serve as output and PFC rectifiers for AC/DC and DC/DC power stages in industrial applications, including air conditioners, off-board chargers, lighting, hybrid solar inverters, and UPS where they will guarantee system reliability and robustness without compromising on performance.



  • Best in class forward voltage drop and switching losses trade off

  • Optimized for high speed operation

  • 175 °C maximum operating junction temperature

  • Polyimide passivation

  • Fully isolated package (VINS =2500 VRMS)

  • True 2 pin package

  • Designed and qualified according to JEDEC® - JESD 47



  • Resonant converters

  • Industrial power supplies



Samples of the new FRED Pt rectifiers are now available and production quantities are available with lead times of 20 weeks.

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