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Enhanced RS485 Transceivers Optimized for Industrial Automation and Smart Buildings

RS485 Transceivers
RS485 Transceivers

STMicroelectronics has introduced the ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver, designed for modern industrial applications. With a speed of 40Mbit/s, it offers robust and reliable signaling. The ST4E1240 transceiver supports higher data speeds compared to the original RS-485 standards. It allows multiple connections over long cable distances, accommodating over 64 transceivers on the same bus. This device also comes with built-in protection against sudden power surges and issues during device connection or disconnection. It meets international standards for protection against contact discharge and fast transient events, ensuring stable data transmission. This transceiver follows the TIA/EIA-485 standards, ensuring compatibility with the PROFIBUS field bus standard. It maintains a consistent output voltage level even with variations in power supply, helping to prevent communication errors. 

Additionally, it includes a shutdown mode to minimize power consumption in energy-efficient applications. The ST4E1240 is part of ST's program for long-term product support, offering reliability and continuity in production. It is currently available for purchase, packaged in a compact size with pricing starting from $0.81 for orders of 1000 pieces. Free samples can be obtained from the ST eStore.


  • High-speed data transmission
  • Supports multipoint connections
  • Built-in protection against transient events
  • Meets international standards for reliability
  • Compatible with PROFIBUS field bus standard
  • Includes shutdown mode for energy efficiency


  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • Smart buildings
  • Power grids
  • Data acquisition systems
Component Datasheet

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