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EFP01 - Power Management ICs to Simplify Design and Improve Battery Life in IoT applications

EFP01 Power Management IC
EFP01 Power Management IC

Silicon Labs has introduced the EFP01 PMIC family, a new line of power management ICs (PMICs) to operate as the dedicated companion chips for EFR32 wireless devices and EFM32 microcontrollers (MCUs). With the new PMIC, the developers can choose the optimal battery type and chemistries for their application at the same time they can also control a product’s power supply over multiple output rails and voltages.


The PMICs are used by the developers to meet the unique low-power requirements of their IoT designs, along with this the new PMICs extends the energy efficiency of its wireless and MCU products with simplified product design using the best-in-class tools and support. The EFP01 PMICs simplifies the power system design and reduce power consumption through enhanced control. The PMICS include low-voltage dc-dc converters and regulators along with a flexible mechanism to manage the power rails in system design.


The EFP01 PMICs enable buck and boost voltage conversion as well as combined boost and buck ("boost bootstrap") supporting low-voltage, high-current rails for IoT products requiring coin cell batteries and higher transmit power (up to +20 dBm). The multiple output power rails allow an entire IoT product to be powered by one low-cost PMIC which uses smaller board space.


The new EFP01 PMICs acts as a flexible system-level power management solution to enhance the energy efficiency of battery-powered applications including IoT sensors, asset tags, smart meters, home, and building automation, security, and health and wellness products.


Features of EFP01 PMIC family

  • Wide input power supply of 0.8V to 5.5V
  • Fully configurable I2C
  • Direct Mode supports fast transitions between energy modes
  • IRQ pin to notify host processor
  • Ultra-low Quiescent current
  • -40 to 100 °C junction temperature
  • Offering quiescent current as low as 150 nA
  • The EFP01 supports coulomb counting offering vital information for battery life estimation


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet liked at the bottom of this page and on the EFP01 PMICs product page.

Component Datasheet

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