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EcoGaN Power Stage ICs with GaN HEMTs and Gate Drivers for Component Size Reduction and Power Loss

EcoGaN Power Stage ICs
EcoGaN Power Stage ICs

ROHM has introduced the BM3G0xxMUV-LB series, a line of power stage ICs, integrating 650V Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors (GaN HEMTs) and gate drivers. Ideal for primary power supply applications in data servers and AC adapters, these ICs address the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions.

These ICs (BM3G015MUV-LB, BM3G007MUV-LB) offer miniaturization and power conversion efficiency, their unique gate handling characteristics require dedicated gate drivers. With a wide drive voltage range (2.5V to 30V), these ICs can replace existing silicon MOSFETs, reducing component volume by approximately 99% and power loss by 55%, resulting in higher efficiency in a smaller package.



  • Nano CapTM Integrated Output Selectable 5 V LDO
  • Long Time Support Product for Industrial Applications
  • Wide Operating Range for VDD Pin Voltage
  • Wide Operating Range for IN Pin Voltage
  • Low VDD Quiescent and Operating Current
  • Low Propagation Delay
  • High dv/dt Immunity
  • Adjustable Gate Drive Strength
  • Power Good Signal Output
  • VDD UVLO Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection



  • Industrial Equipment
  • Power Supplies with High Power Density
  • High Efficiency Demand
  • Bridge Topology such as Totem-pole PFC, LLC Power Supply, Adaptor, etc.



The BM3G0xxMUV-LB series are now available at the pricing of $30.0 per unit.

Component Datasheet

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