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EasyPACK CoolSiC MOSFET Module with 3-level Active NPC (ANPC) topology for Fast-Switching ESS Applications and Solar Systems

F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 EasyPACK CoolSiC MOSFET Module
F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 EasyPACK CoolSiC MOSFET Module

Infineon Technologies has introduced the F3L11MR12W2M1_B74, a new EasyPACK 2B module to its 1200V family. The module is integrated with CoolSiC MOSFETs, TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 devices, and an NTC temperature sensor along with PressFIT contact technology pins. Available in 3-level Active NPC (ANPC) topology, the power module is suitable for fast-switching applications like energy storage systems (ESS). It can also increase the power rating and efficiency of solar systems and support the growing demand for 1500V DC-link solar applications.


The F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 combines the latest CoolSiC MOSFET and TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 technology with an increased diode rating, hence the module can operate over the entire power factor (cos φ) range. A single module per phase is capable of supplying a power level of up to 75 kW in energy storage applications, if it is a solar application up to 150kW can be reached by operating two modules in parallel per phase.


The module offers an improved pin positioning for ensuring short and clean commutation loops with reduced stray module inductances. The optimized layout of the module enables excellent thermal conduction of the CoolSiC MOSFET chips within the EasyPACK 2B package. In addition, the power module also supports easy design-in and provides a high degree of freedom for inverter design.


Features of F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 EasyPACK 2B Module

  • CoolSiC trench MOSFET technology
  • 3-level ANPC topology
  • Full 1500 VDC capability with 1200 V switches
  • Increased Si diode current rating
  • PressFIT technology
  • Broadest Easy portfolio


Note: More Technical information can be found in the F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of the F3L11MR12W2M1_B74 EasyPACK 2B module.

Component Datasheet

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