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Dual-Channel High-Side Power Switches in Automotive Switch Technology

Dual-Channel High-Side Power Switches
Dual-Channel High-Side Power Switches

Diodes Incorporated expanded its IntelliFET® self-protected MOSFET portfolio with the introduction of automotive-compliant dual-channel high-side power switches—the ZXMS82090S14PQ, ZXMS82120S14PQ, and ZXMS82180S14PQ. These switches are specifically designed for powering 12V automotive loads, including LEDs, bulbs, actuators, and motors, commonly found in automotive body control and lighting systems. The series boasts a dual 41V-rated n-channel MOSFET array with integrated circuitry that offers protection against short circuits, efficiently manages inrush currents, and guards against overvoltage conditions, including load dumps.

These switches provide overtemperature protection with auto-restart, safeguard against electrostatic discharge damage, and allow for loss of ground and reverse polarity protection with minimal external components. Featuring a dedicated current sense pin, they enable precise analog current monitoring and fault indication for scenarios such as short-to-battery, short-to-ground, and open-load detection. These IntelliFETs serve as efficient and reliable alternatives to traditional relays, fuses, and discrete circuits, offering a smaller footprint.


  • Dual-channel high-side power switches
  • Integrated protection 
  • Dual 41V-Rated N-Channel MOSFET Array
  • Overtemperature protection with auto-restart
  • Precise analog current monitoring


  • Automotive body control
  • Lighting systems
  • Driving 12V Automotive Loads (LEDs, Bulbs, Actuators, Motors)


The ZXMS82090S14PQ, ZXMS82120S14PQ, and ZXMS82180S14PQ are available at $1.37 in 2,500-piece quantities. AEC-Q100 qualified and manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facility.

Component Datasheet

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