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Dual Channel Bidirectional TVS Diode with Super Low Capacitance designed for Thunderbolt 4.0 & HDMI2.1 Protection

Dual Channel Bidirectional TVS Diode
Dual Channel Bidirectional TVS Diode

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the release of 2-in-1 transient voltage suppressor (TVS) AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 designed for super highspeed line protection using the latest Super Low Cap TVS platform and advanced packaging. These 2-in-1 with ultra-low capacitance devices provide the best solution for an ideal pin-out for differential signal, space-saving of super high-speed interface application, and reducing the part counts on circuit board. These new devices are ideal for USB Type-C and HDMI applications such as notebooks, desktop PC, game consoles, and 4K & 8K TVs.


With such ultra-low capacitance of 0.15pF and 0.075pF, AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 are optimized for super highspeed line, protection including but not limited to USB4.0, Thunderbolt 4.0, HDMI2.1 and avoiding the transmission error by minimizing the capacitance effect. AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 are two channels devices (2-in-1) housed in a 0.63x0.33mm leadless Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) and perfectly suited to fit the small footprint requirement of a USB Type-C connector.



  • ESD protection for high-speed data lines

  • Bidirectional TVS

  • Low capacitance

  • Low clamping voltage

  • Low operating voltage



  • USB4, Thunderbolt 4, PCI Express

  • Mobile phones

  • Notebook computers


Availability and Pricing

The AOZ8S204BL2 and AOZ8S205BL2 are now available in production quantities with a lead time of 20 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $0.114 for AOZ8S204BL2 and $0.135 for AOZ8S205BL2.

Component Datasheet

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