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Cost-Efficient SOIC-16 Family of DC/DC Converters with Low EMI Emissions for Medical Devices and Isolated COM Port Power Supplies

SOIC-16 Family of DC/DC Converter
SOIC-16 Family of DC/DC Converter

RECOM has extended its SOIC-16 family of DC/DC converters with new 0.5W (R05C05TE05S) and 1W (R05CTE05S) devices that feature 5V (4.5-5.5V) inputs and a semi-regulated 5V output. These new versions have a 3kVDC/1 min (basic) insulation rating with greater than 8mm input/output creepage and are ideal for applications that have light-load operation modes. The applications for these two ranges include isolated COM port power supplies, gate drive power, current sensing/smart metering, medical devices, industrial PLC (I/O), and sensors for IoT/IIoT.


These two parts are pin-compatible, allowing future upgrades from 0.5W to 1W, and include features such as remote on/off and reinforced isolation. The Protection features of these devices include short-circuit, over-current, over-temperature, and input undervoltage, making the parts highly suitable for applications that demand a high level of reliability and robustness. Moreover, this SOIC-16 package with a 10.35mm x 7.5mm footprint and 2.5mm profile is perfect for space-constrained designs.



  • Compact 10.35 x 7.5mm SMD package

  • Low profile (2.5mm)

  • 3kVDC/1min isolation

  • Low EMI emissions

  • Ultra-wide temperature range -40°C to +125°C

  • Fully automated, high-reliability design

  • Semi-regulated 5V output



  • Isolated COM port power supplies

  • Gate drive power

  • Current sensing/smart metering

  • Medical devices

  • Industrial PLC (I/O)

  • Sensors for IoT/IIoT

Component Datasheet

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