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Compact and Cost Effective Multi-Output Open Frame AC/DC Converters with Universal Input Voltage and wide Operating Temperature

LOxx-10A/C/D series of Multi-Output Open Frame AC/DC Converters
LOxx-10A/C/D series AC/DC Converter

As an addition to LO series, MORNSUN has introduced the LOxx-10A/C/D series of 15-65W Multi-output Open Frame AC/DC converters to fulfill customer’s design requirements with reduced layout space and cost. This series has high reliability, good performance, and price as unified materials and product automation. The multi-output LO30 series (76.2 x 50.8 x 28mm) and LO45 series (102 x 51 x 27.5mm) occupy a 40% smaller space than the normal converters. The LOxx-10A/C/D series of converters can be widely used in communication, industrial, commercial and civil applications.


Features of LOxx-10A/C/D series

  • LO30xx-10A series provides outputs of +/12V, +/-15V
  • LO30xx-10D series provides outputs of +5/+5V, +5/+12V, +5/+24V
  • LO30xx-10C series provides outputs of +5/+12V/-5V, +5/+12V/-12V, +5/+15/-15V.
  • Universal 85-264VAC or 100-370VDC input voltage
  • LO30xx-10A/Dxx series delivers 3x2 inch high power density
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -25 to +70
  • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
  • High efficiency, high reliability
  • Regulated output, low output ripple & noise 
  • EMI performance meets CISPR32 / EN55032 CLASS B
  • Designed to meet UL/EN/IEC62368 standards (CE Approval pending)


More technical details can be found in the product page of the LO30-10A/Dxx series and LO45-10Cxx series Converters. The datasheet of L030-10A AC/DC Converter is also linked at the bottom of this page. You can check the other series of converters for different voltage and current requirements.

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