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CFP3-HP Packaging: Space-Saving Copper Clip Design for Diode Packages

CFP3-HP Package
CFP3-HP Package

Nexperia, a global semiconductor manufacturer, introduced a lineup of 22 new planar Schottky diodes packaged in CFP3-HP format. This selection consists of 11 industrial-grade and 11 AEC-Q101-qualified products. The move aligns with the industry's trend of transitioning from SMx-type packaging to smaller CFP-packaged devices, particularly in automotive applications. These diodes are suitable for various applications including DC-DC conversion, freewheeling, reverse polarity protection, and OR-ing. The portfolio offers flexibility in design with options featuring reverse voltages (VR(max)) ranging from 30 V to 100 V and forward currents (IF(average)) between 1 A and 3 A. 

The exposed heatsink of the CFP3-HP package facilitates superior heat dissipation (Ptot) within a compact footprint (3.7 mm x 1.8 mm x 0.9 mm). The use of a proprietary copper clip design ensures these packages meet the efficiency and space-saving requirements of modern designs. CFP packaging accommodates various power diode technologies, extending beyond Schottky and recovery rectifiers to include bipolar transistors, offering diverse product options. 


  • High reliability 
  • Small, thin and light design
  • Reverse voltages (VR(max)) - 30 V to 100 V
  • Compact footprint of 3.7 mm x 1.8 mm x 0.9 mm
  • Junction temperature up to 175 °C
  • Free from delamination


  • DC-DC conversion
  • Automotive LED lighting
  • Power management systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Solenoid control
  • Piezo injection

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