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BridgeSwitch™-2: High-Voltage Integrated Half-Bridge Motor-Driver ICs for BLDC Applications up to 1 HP


Power Integrations has announced the launch of BridgeSwitch™-2, a new high-voltage integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family designed for brushless DC motors (BLDC) with applications up to 1 HP (746 W). These ICs feature high- and low-side drivers and advanced FREDFETs with integrated lossless current sensing, achieving up to 99% inverter efficiency. The architecture of BridgeSwitch™-2 eliminates hot spots, increases design flexibility and reliability, reduces component count, and saves PCB area. Supported by Power Integrations’ MotorXpert™ software suite, the ICs offer single-phase trapezoidal control and three-phase sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) modules for streamlined inverter development. BridgeSwitch™-2 ICs handle operational exceptions in hardware and support IEC 60730 Class A safety software, allowing BLDC inverters to enter sleep-mode with driver power consumption reduced to less than 10 mW. With a power range from 30 to 746 W, these ICs cater to various applications including heat exchanger fans, refrigerator compressors, fluid and circulation pumps, gas boiler combustion fans, washing machine drums, and kitchen blenders and mixers. 

The architecture of BridgeSwitch™-2 eliminates shunt resistors and associated signal conditioning circuits, reducing component count by 50% and PCB space by 30%, while improving efficiency and precise motor control with real-time phase current (IPH) reporting. Built-in features include DC overvoltage protection, current limits, accurate turn-on/off gate drive, and a soft-body diode for a lower EMI profile. The ICs support error-flag or comprehensive fault bus reporting and hardware-based over-current protection to meet IEC 60335-1 Class A requirements. Additionally, BridgeSwitch™-2 operates without an auxiliary power supply, further reducing PCB area and component count.


  • High-voltage integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family
  • Advanced FREDFETs with integrated lossless current sensing
  • Up to 99% inverter efficiency
  • Eliminates hot spots, increases design flexibility, and reduces component count
  • Built-in DC overvoltage protection and current limits
  • Soft-body diode for lower EMI profile
  • Hardware-based over-current protection
  • Microprocessor agnostic for easy integration


  • Heat exchanger fans
  • Refrigerator compressors
  • Fluid and circulation pumps
  • Gas boiler combustion fans
  • Washing machine drums
  • Kitchen blenders and mixers
Component Datasheet

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