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Blue and True Green LEDs in MiniLED Package Deliver High Brightness in a Small Size

Blue and True Green LEDs
Blue and True Green LEDs

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced the new VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08, blue and true green surface-mount LEDs in the ultra-compact MiniLED package. Measuring 2.2 mm by 1.3 mm by 1.4 mm, these LEDs utilize the latest ultrabright InGaN chip technology to achieve typical luminous intensity of 440 mcd and 2300 mcd, respectively, which is up to four times higher than previous-generation solutions in PLCC-2 packages. With their high brightness and small size, the LEDs released today are the perfect choice for small-scale, high-power products that are expected to work reliably in arduous environments. Typical applications will include medical light treatment; signal lights for agricultural equipment and energy generation systems; indicators and backlighting for office, entertainment, and telecommunications equipment; LCD switches; and symbols for general use.

With a typical wavelength of 525 nm at 20 mA, the VLMTG2332ABCA-0 is ideal for heart rate monitoring applications in fitness trackers and other devices that rely on variations in green light absorption. Offering a typical wavelength of 465 nm at 20 mA, the VLMB2332T1U2-08 is optimized for smoke detectors that utilize short-wavelength blue light for the detection of small particles. The LEDs’ MiniLED package features a lead frame embedded in a white thermoplast. The devices offer a ± 60° angle of half-intensity, a wide viewing angle of 120° for homogenous illumination and backlighting, and a forward voltage of 2.9 V typical. The VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08 are categorized, per packaging unit, for luminous intensity and color.


  • Small dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 2.2 x 1.4 x 1.3

  • Luminous intensity and color categorized

  • Compatible with automatic placement equipment

  • EIA and ICE standard package

  • IR reflow soldering according to J-STD-020

  • Available in 8 mm tape

  • Excellent for coupling to light pipes and backlighting

  • Preconditioning according to JEDEC® level 2a

  • ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV according to JESD22-A114-B


  • Smoke detectors using blue light

  • Pulse rate detection using green light

  • Medical light treatment

  • Signal lights

  • Backlight and indicator for office-, entertainment-, and telecommunication equipment

  • Flat backlight for LCDs, switches, and symbols

Component Datasheet

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