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BD9xxM5-C Series: Primary LDO Regulators for Automotive Electronics

BD9xxM5-C Series
BD9xxM5-C Series

ROHM has launched the BD9xxM5-C series, a new line of primary LDO regulators designed for automotive applications, providing a 45V rating and 500mA output. These regulators are tailored to power electronic control units (ECUs) directly from vehicle batteries, catering to the evolving demands of the automotive industry's transition to electrification.  ROHM's innovative solution offers rapid output voltage recovery and stable operation, addressing the complexities of modern automotive power supply systems.The BD9xxM5-C series incorporates ROHM's QuiCur™ high-speed load response technology, which delivers outstanding response characteristics to fluctuations in load current. For instance, these LDOs can maintain the output voltage within a 100mV range of the set voltage even as the load fluctuates between 0 and 500mA within a microsecond (1μs). 

Additionally, their low typical current consumption of 9.5µA contributes to reduced power consumption in automotive applications. These innovative products are available in four different packages to cater to various needs. The package options range from the compact HTSOP-J8 to the TO252 (TO252-3/TO252-5) and HRP5 types, offering users flexibility in selecting the most suitable package for their specific application requirements.


  • 45V rating, 500mA output
  • QuiCur™ high-speed load response technology
  • Excellent line-transient response
  • Low typical current consumption (9.5µA)
  • Available in four package options


  • Automotive ECUs
  • MCU and component power supply
  • Onboard power in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Automotive infotainment
  • Advanced driver assistance
  • Electric power steering
  • Engine control module
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