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BD34301EKV – 32 Bit D/A Converter IC for Sound Quality Performance in High-Fidelity Audio Equipment

BD34301EKV 32bit D/A Converter IC
BD34301EKV 32bit D/A Converter IC

ROHM has introduced the BD34301EKV, a 32bit D/A converter IC for high-fidelity audio equipment capable of high-resolution playback of audio sources. As part of ROHM’s high-grade MUS-ICT series of audio ICs, the BD34301EKV DAC chip comes with qualities such as ‘spatial reverberation’, ‘quietness’, and ‘dynamic range’ that are important for reproducing classical music.


The original sound quality technology of the device helps in successfully reproducing the target sound quality by incorporating a circuit in the signal processing block to check for audio quality. Offering the low noise and distortion (130dB SN ratio, -115dB THD+N) for providing high performance, the device also features a digital filter (FIR filter) that can process even the smallest signals by achieving a rejection band attenuation of -150dB or less.


BD34301EKV allows the users to select the digital filter (FIR filter) in the digital signal processing circuit from preset/custom/external settings and they can also program the calculation coefficients and oversampling rate. The users can achieve different sound quality tuning for each piece of audio equipment by constructing a unique digital filter. ROHM also provides BD34301EKV-EVK-001 evaluation boards to test the performance of ROHM’s new IC that is sold via distributor channels.


Features of BD34301EKV 32bit D/A Converter IC

  • MUS-IC Series
  • SNR 130 dB (Typ) , THD+N -115 dB (Typ) (PCM mode)
  • Sampling Frequency 32 kHz to 768 kHz (PCM mode)
  • 2 Kinds of Digital FIR Filters (PCM mode)
  • DSD 2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz, 11.2 MHz, 22.4 MHz Available
  • Supports Stereo Mode (2ch) and Mono Mode (1ch)
  • Selectable 4 Device Addresses (38h, 3Ah, 3Ch, 3Eh)


Note: More technical information can be found in the BD34301EKV Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of BD34301EKV 32bit D/A converter IC.

Component Datasheet

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