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Automotive Compliant MLX90421 and MLX904 Triaxis Position Sensors for Cost-Sensitive Automotive Applications

MLX90421 and MLX904 Triaxis Position Sensors from Melexis
MLX90421 and MLX904 Triaxis Position Sensors

Melexis has introduced the MLX90421 and MLX90422 non-contact position sensors that are designed based on the company’s Triaxis high-accuracy magnetic sensing technology. These devices showcase superior functional safety and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) characteristics and support heightened temperature operation.


Featuring a built-in data conversion and digital signal processing, these devices are suitable for cost-sensitive automotive applications including powertrain actuators, pedal positioning, fuel level gauges, and transmission systems, though also suitable for industrial implementations. The MLX90421 provides a ratiometric analog or pulse width modulated (PWM) output, while the MLX90422 delivers a single edge nibble transmission (SENT) output according to SAE J2716.


The -40°C to 160°C ambient temperature range of the device allows it to be installed in areas that don’t have heat dissipations. The improved absolute maximum ratings (AMR), such as output protection of -18V/34V and supply protection of -18V/37V, reduces the risk of electrical overstress. The MLX90421 and MLX90422 can be supplied with a single die in either a SOIC-8 package format or a PCB-less DMP-4.


Features of MLX90421 and MLX90422 Position Sensors

  • Triaxis Hall Technology
  • On-Chip Signal Processing for Robust Absolute Position Sensing
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified (Grade 0)
  • Programmable Measurement Range
  • Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic with up to 17 points
  • MLX90421 provides a ratiometric analog
  • MLX90422 delivers SENT output according to SAE J2716


Note: More technical information can be found in the MLX90421 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the MLX90421 Position Sensor and MLX90422 Position Sensor product page

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