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Automotive 750V EDT2 IGBTs in TO247PLUS Package designed for Discrete Traction Inverters

Automotive 750V EDT2 IGBTs
Automotive 750V EDT2 IGBTs

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the new EDT2 IGBTs in a TO247PLUS package that are optimized for automotive discrete traction inverters and expand Infineon's portfolio of discrete high-voltage devices for automotive applications. With the automotive micro-pattern trench-field-stop cell design, these IGBTs meet and exceed the industry standard AECQ101 for automotive components. The new AIKQ120N75CP2 and AIKQ200N75CP2 feature EDT2 technology which is optimized for traction inverter and has a breakdown voltage of 750 V, supporting battery voltages up to 470 V DC, and significantly lower switching and conduction losses.


The rated currents of the discrete EDT2 IGBTs are 120 A and 200 A at 100°C, each with a very low forward voltage, reducing conduction losses by up to 13 percent compared to the previous generation. These EDT2 IGBTs feature an extremely narrow parameter distribution. The collector-emitter saturation voltage (V ce(sat)) difference between typical and maximum values is less than 200 mV and the gate threshold voltage (V GEth) difference is less than 750 mV. Moreover, the TO247PLUS package offers a greater creepage distance for easy design-in.



  • VCE = 750 V

  • 750 V collector-emitter blocking voltage capability

  • Smooth switching characteristics

  • Very low VCE(sat),1.30 V (typ.)

  • Short circuit robust

  • Very tight parameter distribution

  • Low gate charge QG

  • Co-packaged with fast soft recovery Emitter Controlled 3 diode

  • Qualified according to AEC-Q101

  • Increase overvoltage margin in the application

  • Reduction of number of paralleled devices required

  • Simple gate drive design



  • Traction inverter

  • DC Link Discharge Switch

  • Auxiliary inverter


Component Datasheet

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