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ACS37002 - 400 kHz Hall Effect Current Sensor IC for High Frequency Switching Applications

ACS37002 Hall Effect Current Sensor IC
ACS37002 Hall Effect Current Sensor IC

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced the ACS37002 family of advanced Hall-effect current sensors with 400kHz sensing bandwidth up to 180A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the full -40°C to 150°C automotive temperature range. The new sensors provide a high-speed operation that allows the customers to operate at higher switching frequencies and design SiC and GaN switching that improves efficiency. The differential sensing in the device provides high immunity to external magnetic field disturbances.


The ACS37002 provides high accuracy and DC stability that allows tighter control of the motor or power converter control loop for improving the overall efficiency of the system. By enabling faster switching in ACS37002, designers can reduce overall system size.


The ACS37002 is available in three different SOICW-16 packages, the LA package which is optimized for higher sensitivity and lower noise, the MA package which provides high isolation of 4.8 kVrms and the MC package combines best-in-class conductor resistance of 0.27 µW and highest isolation rating of 5 kVrms for applications where ultra-low power loss and high reinforced isolation are needed.


The combination of high electrical performance, advanced packaging, and factory calibration make the ACS37002 an ideal solution for green energy, industrial, and electric vehicle applications such as Solar power inverters, On-board charger power-factor correction, DC/DC converter loop control, xEV high voltage inverters.


Features of ACS37002

  • Wide Operating Bandwidth 400kHz
  • Internal conductor resistance as low as 0.27mΩ (MC package)
  • 1% Sensitivity error from -40 to 125ºC (KMA version)
  • Pin-selectable Gain Options (4)
  • Fast over-current detection 1.5µs max response time
  • Reference output for accuracy in noisy environments;
  • 4 pin-selectable sensitivity settings in a single component, which can reduce inventory part numbers on platform products.


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the ACS37002 product page.

Component Datasheet

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