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Accelerometer-based Road Noise Cancelling (RNC) Sensor for Combatting Unwanted Road, Wind, and HVAC Car Noise

Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Sensor
Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Sensor

Molex has introduced an accelerometer-based Road Noise Cancelling (RNC) sensor for controlling unwanted road, wind, and HVAC car noise while reducing low frequency sounds that increase driver fatigue. The new automotive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) accelerometer and microphone sensors use Analog Devices’ Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology for delivering high fidelity audio while significantly reducing cabling complexity, costs, and weight. The sensors include integral connectors and are daisy-chained to simplify integration while providing up to a 30% reduction in cable weight.


Packed in different housings such as IP6K9K enclosure, the new sensor has better protection in harsh conditions for enabling placement closest to the road noise. The new sensor is sensitive enough to measure and cancel road noise at slower vehicle speeds, giving designers greater flexibility in sensor placement while simplifying engineering.


When combined with Silentium’s “Active Acoustics” software, the RNC sensor can remove up to 90% of unwanted noises across a broadband of frequencies (from 20Hz to 1kHz) for improving driver and occupant comfort, safety, and wellbeing. In particular, the elimination of frequent humming or droning noises coming from roads and tires is critical to decreasing “highway hypnosis” and driver fatigue.


Features of Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Sensor

  • Eliminates heavy star-patterned cabling and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) sound-dampening material
  • Offers flexibility for parallel or perpendicular positioning to the ground
  • Delivers superior noise cancellation
  • Provides 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors
  • Captures vibration energy transfer from the suspension into the vehicle chassis at the earliest point for optimal cancellation timing
  • Protects against water and dust ingress in harsh environments


Note: More technical information can be found in the Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Sensors Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) Sensors product page.

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