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RAMK060 - Position Sensor with High Resolution and High Precision

RAMK060 - Position Sensor  with High Resolution and High Precision
RAMK060 - Position Sensor with High Resolution and High Precision

Vishay Intertechnology has launched RAMK060, a robust and high precision position sensor that offers better resolution and accuracy for industrial robotics and other demanding applications. The new rotational absolute magnetic kit encoder uses advanced contactless technology to achieve >13-bit accuracy, 19-bit resolution and >16-bit repeatability and also maintains robustness against external magnetic fields, moisture, airborne pollution, vibration, mechanical shock and change in temperature.

The rotor + stator kit design of the sensor along with its axis design has a slim profile of 6.5mm (approx) and a light weight  (<55g) which is ideal for applications where little space is available but an angular position needs to be detected with high accuracy. The RAMK060 has an outer diameter of 60mm and the inner diameter of 25mm with the availability of several multi turn variants including connections to a battery backup when the system power is off. RAMK060 is more advantageous because of self calibration to compensate for mechanical misalignment, built in self monitoring and memorization of the last absolute position before power off.


  • Magnetic Kit Encoder Position sensor
  • High Precision, High repeatability and High Resolution
  •  Plug and play self calibration
  • Works on Hall effect principle
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Supply current: <150mA
  • Output format: SSI/SPI/Biss-C
  • Resolution: 19 bits
  • Repeatability: >16bits
  • Mechanical/Electrical Angle: 360°
  • Maximum speed: 9000 rpm

Note: More technical details can be found at the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page

RAMK060 is suitable for applications calling for precise and repetitive motions such as arm joints for industrial robots and collaborative robots, steering wheels for automated guided vehicles and machine tools used in printing, textile manufacturing and milling.

Samples and production quantities of the RAMK060 are available now with a lead time of 16 Weeks for large orders, For more details please visit the product page on the official Vishay website.  

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