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IHLP Inductors – Low Profile and High Current Inductors

IHLP Inductors – Low Profile and High Current Inductors

Earlier in the month of September, Vishay Intertechnology extended a new family of inductors called the IHLP Inductors.  These Inductors have a low DCR value and high current ranges, the value of these inductors vary from 1.0uH to 100uH and are suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Since these inductors could work at high frequencies with low losses, they were used in DC/DC converter circuitry.


Since these inductors quickly gained popularity, Vishay has today announced alternatives versions for 10 of its commercial style IHLP Inductors with a shorter lead time of 8 to 10 weeks.  These new inductors are available in 100 different part numbers in case size 1616, 2020, 2525 and 4040. The technical details of these inductors can be found in the datasheet linked below.


These devices are targeted for commercial applications and are equivalent in fit, form, and function to standard IHLP inductors, but may show slight deviation so please verify the datasheet before adding them to your design.

Component Datasheet

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