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600V Small Intelligent Power Devices Reduce Mounting Area and Circuit Boards Size for Brushless DC Motor Drives

600V Small Intelligent Power Devices
600V Small Intelligent Power Devices

Toshiba has launched the new TPD4163F and TPD4164F 600V small intelligent power devices (IPD) designed for brushless DC motor drive applications such as air conditioners, air cleaners, and pumps. These devices have output current (DC) ratings of 1A and 2A, respectively, and are housed in a surface mount type HSSOP31 package, which reduces the mounting area. This makes smaller motor drive circuit boards possible and reduces the motor's height.

These devices are three-shunt resistor circuits for current sensing and are fabricated by high voltage SOI process. These devices contain level shift high-side driver, low-side driver, IGBT outputs, FRDs and protective functions for overcurrent circuit and under voltage protection circuits and thermal shutdown circuit.



  • High voltage power side and low voltage signal side terminal are separated

  • It is the best for current sensing in three shunt resistance

  • Bootstrap circuit gives simple high-side supply

  • Bootstrap diodes are built in

  • A dead time can be set as a minimum of 1 μs, and it is suitable for a Sine-wave from drive

  • 3-phase bridge output using IGBTs

  • Included over-current and under-voltage protection, shutdown function controlled by SD pin, and thermal shutdown

  • The regulator of 5 V (typ.) is built in

  • The package is a surface mount type with 31 pin



  • DC brushless motor driver IC

Component Datasheet

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