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3D dToF LiDAR Module with On-chip Processing Designed for Camera Assist & AV/VR Applications

VL53L9 ToF 3D LiDAR Device
VL53L9 ToF 3D LiDAR Device

STMicroelectronics has announced an all-in-one, direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) 3D LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) module with 2.3k resolution, and revealed an early design win for the world’s smallest 500k-pixel indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) sensor. The new VL53L9 ToF 3D LiDAR device integrates a dual scan flood illumination, unique in the market, the LiDAR can detect small objects and edges and captures both 2D infrared (IR) images and 3D depth map information. It comes as a ready-to-use low power module with its on-chip dToF processing, requiring no extra external components or calibration. Additionally, the device delivers state-of-the-art ranging performance from 5cm to 10 meters.

VL53L9’s suite of features elevates camera-assist performance, supporting macro up to telephoto photography. It enables features such as laser autofocus, bokeh, and cinematic effects for still and video at 60fps (frame per second). Virtual reality (VR) systems can leverage accurate depth and 2D images to enhance spatial mapping for more immersive gaming and other VR experiences like virtual visits or 3D avatars. The sensor’s ability to detect the edges of small objects at short and ultra-long ranges makes it suitable for applications such as virtual reality or SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). In addition to machine vision, the VD55H1 is ideal for 3D webcams and PC applications, 3D reconstruction for VR headsets, people counting and activity detection in smart homes and buildings. It packs 672 x 804 sensing pixels in a tiny chip size and can accurately map a three-dimensional surface by measuring distance to over half a million points. 


  • Multizone ranging output with up to 54 x 42 separate zones and binning options
  • On-chip postprocessing streaming 2D IR image and depth map with confidence level
  • Ranging from <5 cm up to 10 m
  • Up to 60 Hz frame rate capability
  • Histogram processing and algorithmic compensation minimize or remove the impact of cover glass crosstalk and veiling glare
  • Scan by two vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) flood illumination
  • Emitter: 940 nm invisible light VCSEL and integrated analog driver
  • 71° diagonal FoV using metasurface optical elements (MOE) on both transmitter and receiver
  • Receiving array of single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs)
  • Size: 12.8 x 6.1 x 4.6 mm
  • Easy integration


  • Telephoto zoom camera assist
  • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) enhancement
  • Laser-assisted autofocus (LAF)
  • Video focus tracking. 60 Hz ranging allows optimization of continuous focus algorithm 
  • Multizone and multiobject distance detection 
  • Wide FoV and multizone scanning allows content 
  • Gesture recognition 
  • Keystone correction for video projectors 
  • Smart buildings and smart lighting 
  • IoT (user and object detection)
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