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STD20NF06 N-Channel MOSFET

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STD20NF06 is an avalanche tested N-Channel MOSFET from STMicroelectronics. It has very low RDS(on) resistance, less than 0.040 Ohms. This Power MOSFET offers the latest development of STMicroelectronics unique “Single Feature SizeTM'' strip-based process. It provides rugged avalanche characteristics, thus suitable for switchable applications. It has up to 24A of drain current.


STD20NF06 MOSFET Pin Configuration

Pin Number

Pin Name




Gate pin of the MOSFET



Drain pin of the MOSFET (It is also connected with the TAB)



Source pin of the MOSFET


Features and Specification of STD20NF06 MOSFET

  • Type: N-Channel
  • 60V VDSS
  • 24A ID
  • <0.040 Ohms RDS(on)
  •  ± 20V VGS
  • Peak diode recovery avalanche energy (dv/dt) 10V/ns


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the STD20NF06 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative for STD20NF06 MOSFET

Replacement of this STD20NF06 MOSFET-

  1. SQJ850EP
  2. DMNH6042S
  3. NTD24N06
  4. BUK7M33


STD20NF06 MOSFET- Overview

The STD20NF06 is an N-Channel 60V VDSS, 24A ID, with less than 0.040 Ohms RDS(on) resistance MOSFET useful for high power and switching applications. The MOSFET works in ± 20V VGS. The below graph is useful to distinguish the drain current vs gate voltage specification-


The low RDS(on) provides very low power dissipation over the high current application and thus eliminates the additional use of a heatsink in a high current application where the PCB copper area can be utilized as the standard heatsink for the MOSFET.


How to Choose a MOSFET

  1. Choose the MOSFET type that is required for the application. STD20NF06LT is an N-Channel MOSFET.
  2. Calculate the maximum Drain to Source voltage that is required for the application. STD20NF06LT supports 60V Drain to Source supply voltage (VDSS).
  3. Calculate maximum Drain Current. Choose a MOSFET that could tolerate more than the Drain current that is actually required for the application. STD20NF06LT works up to 24A of Drain current (ID).
  4. Choose low RDS(on) resistance for the high current application for lower heat dissipations.


STD20VF06T4 – Simple Application Circuit

The below image is showing the standard switching application of the N-Channel MOSFET.

STD20VF06T4 Application Circuit

Apply the Gate voltage to control the Load. The resistor R1 is the Gate resistor.


Applications of STD20NF06 MOSFET

  • SMPS
  • Switching Application
  • Charge controller
  • Inverters
  • Consumer-grade applications
  • Industrial appliances automation


2D and Dimensions of STD20NF06TL4


 STD20NF06TL4 Dimensions

 STD20NF06TL4 Dimension


Footprint of STD20NF06LT4


STD20NF06LT4 Footprint

Component Datasheet

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